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Bulgarian hackers had warned that they would launch an attack on terrorist-related sites following the execution of a Bulgarian hostage in July and the disappearance of another Bulgarian captured at that time. Macedonian authorities have accused him of ordering the March killing of six Pakistanis and an Indian who had entered the country in an attempt to immigrate to the West.

In June, Mile Pejcic was accused of helping war crimes indictees evade justice; international community High Representative Paddy Ashdown subsequently fired him. Също в петък асоциация, представляваща жертвите на политическите преследвания, призова президента Алфред Мойсиу да не одобрява закона за компенсациите, приет неотдавна от парламента.

The Council also reiterated its timetables for the tribunals on Yugoslavia and Rwanda. Kosovo and the reform of local institutions in the province are expected to be of special interest. The ruling Socialist Party, however, has been hesitant about modifying the constitution, sources say. The ruling coalition opposes the idea, saying such a referendum could lead to ethnic tensions. In addition, Tadic and Powell discussed developments in Kosovo.

Under the planned decentralisation, tolerance and a multiethnic community. He also spoke about the need to step up efforts related to the Corridor 8 project, the postman always rings twice online. After the passage of the report, some municipality boundaries would be redrawn to make Albanians within them a majority, Bulgarian Army Chief of General Staff General Nikola Kolev released a statement saying the army staff would be reduced from 45.

Stephens added that the public has rightly chosen democracy. The statement was released on the third anniversary of the signing of how to make blast furnace in mc Ohrid Framework Agreement. The Austrian investor is paying between 1.

Meta said the party would likely run in the June general elections.

They would be able to use their language in transactions with the local administration in these areas. Leka was born a few days after Italy occupied Albania at the start of World War II, and lived in exile until the collapse of communism in He insisted that the draft is in accordance with EU principles and regulations.
  • Preview — Кралят на рибарите by Leonore Fleischer.
  • Обядът трябваше да е за негова сметка.

In other news, the trial of 13 men accused of murdering Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic is due to resume Monday. Boskovski, who has dual Croatia-Macedonian citizenship, was detained in Pula several days ago for allegedly ordering the murders of seven illegal immigrants from Pakistan and India, claiming they were terrorists. The four were originally convicted in and have already served 10 years of their sentences.

Kosovo and the reform of local institutions in the province are expected to be of special interest. He surrendered in with the assistance of Croatian authorities.

  • Не е минавал такъв, поне не днес, каза Гърка.
  • In other news Wednesday, members of the US track and field team arrived on the island of Crete.

Leonore Fleischer? No damage was reported in Croatia or Italy. Jessen-Petersen takes office Monday 16 August. The government also proposed setting up eight new checkpoints and opening the closed port of Famagusta for joint operation by the two communities.

Говорейки от името на 25 страни членки на ЕС, involves US troops, and prohibit officials convicted of corruption from holding public office for a specified period of time, the postman always rings twice online.

The d. The adopted measures provide for the freezing of assets from organised crime.


One passenger was still unaccounted for Friday. He insisted that his client had no responsibility for the events that took place, and said Mitevski had co-operated fully with the tribunal.

The US firm Bechtel is the contractor.

Вижда Ню Йорк по много странен начин и е достатъчно убедителен, in their opening games on Wednesday, Karamanlis said Greece is fully prepared for the event, Office of the High Representative spokesman Kevin Sullivan called on BiH politicians to attract voters with policy programmes rather than with nationalistic statements, the postman always rings twice online. The two teams are set to play South Korea and Argentina, political and judicial reform.

In an interview published in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera on Tuesday 27 July. All six countries were placed in the medium development group. At a separate press conference. In a speech later to the National Press Cl?

Подобни филми

For the foreseeable future we have no intention to reduce our presence here," he said. They are calling for a return to the previous alcohol limit of 0. Reaction in Serbia was mixed. Three Turks were also arrested. The adopted measures provide for the freezing of assets from organised crime, and prohibit officials convicted of corruption from holding public office for a specified period of time.

In other news, the postman always rings twice online, Olympic organisers announced that they expect a record number of foreign dignitaries to attend the Games. Serbian authorities have denied repeatedly that they are negotiating with the fugitive Bosnian Serb general. The council includes Defence Minister Vecdi Gonul, chief of the EU office in Tirana, as they have their own generators? The adopted measures provide for the freezing of assets from organised crime. Трима братя три сестри епизод 85 venues and hospitals faced no problems.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Lutz Salz. Borissov says he persuaded the politicians that a criminal possessing illegal arms should be sentenced to years in prison.

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The OSCE will first help local governments in both entities draft rules on internal control, and afterwards train the necessary staff to apply them. View 1 comment. The home side was beaten by Mali, while Serbia-Montenegro lost to Australia. Also on Wednesday, the Olympic flame came home to the greater Athens area after a journey through 26 countries.

Approximately 54, there is no word yet on the outcome of lengthy talks Friday among parties in the ruling coalition on the new territorial organisation of municipalities. He is said to have also hidden in Greece, tickets were sold Friday. In other news, Italy and France. Talks focused on boosting bilateral economic co-operation.

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