For Hrant, For Justice

19th of January was a black day for most of us: an intellectual, a journalist, a human being was murdered cold-bloodedly.

Hrant Dink was murdered on 19th January 2007, right in front of the building of the newspaper office, where he used to work. It was a planned, organized crime; and eventhough there are numerous evidences to prove that fact, police and other "unknown forces" are preventing further investigations in this case.

3 days ago, on 19th January 2012, billions of people marched in front of the building Hrant Dink was killed.

Please visit for more information about the case.

The (english subtitled) documentary on Hrant Dink assasination can be seen on:

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Comic Post


Suat Gönülay.  He has been around since maybe before I was born, but I've only recently discovered his works. He is a Turkish graphic novelist - this seems like a proper title for him. I've read some of his works before, but I never knew him. Some days ago I bought a work of him from a comic book store, thanks to the suggestion of a close friend of mine, who studies animation at Emily Carr University.

I loved his works, not only the stories are great but also his technique is fascinating. His works are pieces of art, imho. If you don't know him, you should check him before our time runs out and Mayan calender proves to be right, thus you will have enough time to appreciate good work :)