Sparks 2013


Some of my works are being exhibited in Sparks 2013, a student exhibition taking place in Sabanc─▒ University Fine Arts Faculty (FASS).

You can check out my works also online by clicking here, here and here. There are some explanations, which will inform you about what I had in my mind as I made those recordings.

Hope you enjoy.

PS: Click here for the large version of the exhibition poster.


New Recording

Reincore on Soundation

Okay, now this has been fun. As I mentioned earlier, I'm taking this Digital Sound Design course on Coursera, and it's been such a nice experience. As a part of that course, I made a new recording which I named "Bandwidth", mainly because my internet bandwidth was reduced to 512kbps because (apparently) I've exceeded my quota. It was interesting to work on such a slow speed online, but anyway.

Give it a listen, I hope you'll enjoy it.


Digital Sound Design on Coursera


Well, I stumbled upon this course as I was checking out the courses on Coursera, which is an online portal for free education. Honestly, this has been a great discovery for me, since there are many great courses from various universities and instructors.

Although I enrolled the course on 3rd week out of the 4 week schedule, it didn't take long for me to realize that it wouldn't be hard to catch on. For those who are curious about sound design should definetely check out this course.


Recent News

I am embarrassed to confess that I did not have an online portfolio until now.Now that I had some free time in my semester break, I managed to finish and polish it. Now you can jump to my brand new online portfolio. Thank you, Indexhibit.