Cinder: Begin Creative Coding

Cinder - Begin Creative Coding

This is a good guide/tutorial for beginners in Cinder framework. The detailed information covers almost all basic steps, starting from what Cinder is, what can be done by using Cinder and the installation steps until 3D and sound integration. The topics are not directly helpful for advanced users since the focus is on basics, however a beginner in Cinder would find this book quite useful.

There are not many (online or printed) sources available out there about Cinder, so this book is definetely valuable in that sense, too. My friend and I are using Cinder in our graduation project and the functions and examples were useful for our work. If you plan to work with Cinder, this book will definetely ease your job and help you on your way.

Note that some background knowledge in programming field, especially in C++ would definetely help you as you read the book, however if you are a total beginner don't worry. The book explains everything plain and simple, so I'm guessing that even flipping the pages of a book on C++ programming basics would be enough.

All in all, I am very glad to have had a chance to read this book and I would suggest it to anyone interested in Cinder.

Interested? You should give it a look.

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