New Discoveries – May 2016

So here I am again. Recently I've been going through some interesting stuff, here are some:

- Architecture can be violent, too. Main target is usually homeless folks apparently, which points to the concept of gentrification. I had no idea why those slightly uncomfortable benches at a park were designed like that.

 Spencer Means / CC BY-SA 2.0

A shot from South Carolina. Violent and definitely not subtle. Credits: Spencer Means / CC BY-SA 2.0

- Violent design is not found only in architecture. Check out the new "brutalism" trend in website design against commercial neat, light design. Read more about it on the Washington Post article.

- Master your studio mixing skills in a fun way. A little, addictive and sometimes challenging game made by Izotope lies here.


- I had to upload a dataset of >2GBs into a cloud due to some problems. This is for my masters thesis. This is also how I realized after 2GBs it becomes tricky to use free services for that. I discovered which seems to work fine for me. Check it out.

- Also included in Bleep top tracks collection of 2015, one of my favorites these days:

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