Cinder Creative Coding Cookbook


This book is one of the most helpful and most comprehensive books available out in the market. It does not only present the basics and the simple conventions of creative coding but it also provides a vast coverage of related topics such as integration of the code with other technologies or other software structures. You can find the basics of an iOS application that can be created with Cinder Framework, create a Kinect based interactive artwork or focus on digital image processing and virtual physic rules to create the top notch collisions for your new indie game.

The thing about books that deal with creative coding is that they either focus on the most simple approaches and conventions in creative coding or the focus only on how coding can be used creatively and instead of talking about the coding itself, they rather focus on different uses of coding and merely ideas. This book has a nice way of tackling with both sides that and I find this to my liking. It provides you with clear examples about the topics it deals with and and explains each example code snippet roughly, so that you can clarify your mind. There aren't dozens of books in the market about Cinder Framework but Cinder - Creative Coding Cookbook is definitely one of the best reference books available and I would suggest it to everyone interested about Cinder Framework.

I believe that it is also very important to have a good reference book about the framework that is dealt with and in our case the references about Cinder can mostly be reached by a Google search and you wouldn't be too surprised to see that the answers (if there are any) to your problem have been typed to an online forum by a top contributor of the forum, who is one of the very few dedicated contributors of that forum. As there are other options for C++ based frameworks such as Open Frameworks, which has more references than Cinder (since it is older than Cinder), this book has also another type of value in that sense.

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Cinder: Begin Creative Coding

Cinder - Begin Creative Coding

This is a good guide/tutorial for beginners in Cinder framework. The detailed information covers almost all basic steps, starting from what Cinder is, what can be done by using Cinder and the installation steps until 3D and sound integration. The topics are not directly helpful for advanced users since the focus is on basics, however a beginner in Cinder would find this book quite useful.

There are not many (online or printed) sources available out there about Cinder, so this book is definetely valuable in that sense, too. My friend and I are using Cinder in our graduation project and the functions and examples were useful for our work. If you plan to work with Cinder, this book will definetely ease your job and help you on your way.

Note that some background knowledge in programming field, especially in C++ would definetely help you as you read the book, however if you are a total beginner don't worry. The book explains everything plain and simple, so I'm guessing that even flipping the pages of a book on C++ programming basics would be enough.

All in all, I am very glad to have had a chance to read this book and I would suggest it to anyone interested in Cinder.

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