The Hacker Ethic


I believe we all have books that we decide to buy on the first sight, and somehow fail to read immediately. This was one of these books for me; even if I loved the book's subject and the author's approach towards it, I somehow forgot to read it and it stayed on my bookshelf for couple of months.

Last week I finally decided to read it, and couldn't drop it off of my hand, as if I were reading a detective novel of the most addictive type. It's a joint book; starting with Linus Torvalds' opening article and then continuing with Pekka Himanen's sociological and ethical interpretation of the concept of hacker subculture. Even if it can be considered as a book that is rather a sociological comparison of the hacker working ethics and the protestant working ethics, it includes precious inferences that are highly enlightening and historical information about hacker subculture. Not to mention that it differentiates hackers from crackers.

If you're looking for a rather short but interesting and informative book on this subject, I'd highly recommend it.