News in Technology

It's been a long time... Today I decided to update my blog once again, with some interesting and new videos. Here we go:

- Google's AI won the series of games against the Go grandmaster:

- Machine learning and computer vision can get really crazy. Here is NeuralTalk (and Walk):

NeuralTalk and Walk from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

- This example of 3D face manipulation in videos seems really out of this world:


The Best Computing Stories of 2013


So here we have it, the MIT Technology Review's "2013: The Best Computing Stories of the Year" by Tom Simonite.  This is a wonderful put-together of the featured news of 2013 about brand new technologies.

What is in there? Well, to sum it up, we have smart watches, ultrasonic sensors to detect and recognize gestures,  beta testing of the iconic Google Glass, a new wearable technology called FIDO which is actually for your beloved pets, 41-Megapixel camera of Nokia Lumia, Apple's new motion sensing chip m7, Motorola's new phone Moto X which is ready for voice commands at all times, helium filled hard drives, Apple using indium gallium zinc oxide transistors in new iPads to increase pixel density, Google's Chromecast streaming service dongle, Google and NASA teaming up to launch a new quantum computing lab, Qualcomm releasing neuro-inspired chips, IBM releasing blueprints of a new computer architecture that works like a human brain and Swiss engineers in a company called iniLabs working on a new digital camera inspired by the human retina.

Exciting, huh? Gives us something else to look forward for the future. Wish you all a happy new year!