openFrameworks Installation Tutorial


Hey all,

I wanted to give openFrameworks a try after reaching to Processing environment's limits at certain points. I decided that I want to be able to be familiar with another environment where I can build apps that are faster. This C++ framework seems to be a good solution for my problem.

Now, if you want to get started with openFrameworks, this tutorial is definitely for you. I probably spent way more time than the average just to run the first example. Not because it's hard, but a slight distraction causes you to go over the steps from the beginning. So, hope this helps.

1) Assuming you haven't done anything by now, go to , click on "Download the binary release" and choose the right environment for you. I have Windows 8, so in this case I had to download "codeblocks-12.11mingw-setup.exe". After downloading it, simply run the installer and next it all the way to the end.

2) Now you will download openFrameworks. Visit and download openFrameworks for Code::Blocks in Windows. Then unzip the downloaded file and extract it to your Desktop. This folder will contain all the necessary stuff for openFrameworks. Simply create a directory at a handy place (I use C:\openFrameworks). Then, copy and paste all the files from the folder at your desktop into this newly created handy folder. We're almost there.

3) Now visit and follow the instructions.

4) You should have everything settled by now if you've followed the instructions carefully. Now you can go to in order to read the first steps tutorial. I have one more thing to mention: If you want to run an example as it is done in this last link, please don't forget to open the workspace file instead of the project file. Otherwise you will get errors since some parts will be missing. This means, open Code::Blocks, click on File-> Import Project -> Dev-C++project.. and then go to the right directory of the example folder (i.e. C:\OpenFrameworks\examples\graphics\graphicsExample) and select All files instead of the Bloodshed Dev-C++, and then select graphics example workspace file. Run the code and you're good to go.

I hope this helps, since I wouldn't want anyone else to spend meaningless time as I did in the beginning. Also, I want to thank Andrew McWilliams for his post, this tutorial bases mostly on his introduction except a few details.



Mock-Up0003 lo-fi

This is a new project that I work on together with my dear friend Ece Budak, a great sculptress.

The work is not finished yet, however you can see the wonderful sketch of the idea on the side. Credits go to Ece for the wonderful sketch.

The idea is to create an installation that consists of different bases such as electronics, algorithmic sounds and sculpting. I'm looking forward to share more details about this project in the following weeks. Maybe even with a surprise.