Readings on Sound Design


I've been recently reading books about sound design and sonic arts, and Exploring Sound Design for Interactive Media by Joseph Cancellaro was the last one I read. I found the book beneficial, mostly because it covers different topics and introduces a general view on different subjects, which provides a great head start. It goes from Music Theory to Sound Design for Web/Films/Games and keeps you awake all the time by giving fascinating examples. Did you know that the sound of Luke Skywalker's landspeeder from Star Wars was designed with recorded sounds from Los Angeles Harbor Freeway through a vacuum cleaner pipe?  Or that the Ewokese language was a combination and layering of Tibetan, Mongolian and Nepali languages? Well I didn't, and I've learned various other stuff from this book.

Another great thing is that, eventhough the book provides general information about investigated topics, the reader can find out where to focus. Personally, I think designing sounds for films is rather exciting.