Ars DNA is an interactive project that has been exhibited as part of Project Genesis in Ars Electronica Center. The whole exhibition consists of artworks that create a common space for public discussions and forces individuals to think about the future of bio(techno)logy in hands of human beings.
This project has synthetical memory at its focal point as recent biotechnological advancements enable individuals to save digital data into DNA strands. To visualize that, a Processing code runs in the background as visitors enter their data into the touchscreen and see the data converted into DNA information in real time. Visitors also have the possibility to print their DNA data by a pressing a key.

Curator: Matthew Gardiner, Hideaki Ogawa
Coding: Deniz Saglam, Veronika Pauser DNA_3_v2.jpg DNA_2_v2.jpg DNA_4_v2.jpg